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Cabinet Wholesalers has the cabinets you’re looking for. Get the right cabinets at the right price and so much more. Our complete kitchen remodeling service can maximize your storage and increase your kitchen’s functionality. From prefab and custom cabinets to refacing, countertops and more, you’ll get the most competitive price in town.

We’ve got all the latest door styles and cabinet colors along with a complete collection of traditional styles as well. Come on down to our Anaheim showroom or view our cabinet door selection online, then contact us for a free, 30 minute quick quote.

We are licensed contractors and provide service throughout Southern California.

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Update your kitchen quickly with our Signature Cabinet Refacing and get a kitchen with all the extras you wish you’d opted for the first time around.

20 Year Warranty

Our Signature Cabinet Refacing always includes a 20 year warranty. We don’t stop there. While some other cabinet companies charge more, we include extra features that you’re going to love including high end cabinet styles and finishes and your choice of cabinet color. That’s not all. You’ll also get designer glass, cabinet pulls and knobs, and even built in drawer organizers!

Faster Than Replacing Your Cabinets

Cabinet refacing is a fast and affordable way to update your kitchen. You get all the results, in a fraction of the time it takes for a complete kitchen remodel.


We Include What Others Charge Extra For


Designer Glass


Built In Drawer Organizers


Cabinet Door and Drawer Knobs and Pulls


High End Styles, Colors and Moldings


Faster than replacing your cabinets


Guaranteed lowest price


20 Year warranty

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Why Choose Us?

Quality kitchen cabinets in Orange County


Our team employs a strong partnership approach to cabinet design, and works closely with suppliers and contractors to provide your home with the highest quality kitchen cabinets and cabinet refacing at the lowest possible prices. Whether you choose stock or custom cabinets, or opt for kitchen cabinet refacing, you’ll know you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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We work with your budget to provide top quality cabinets. From design to installation, you can count on us to bring you the finest in cabinet refacing and built in cabinetry. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Our experienced design team knows knows all the tricks to making your kitchen functional and beautiful at the same time.

Best kitchen cabinet selection in Orange County


We offer a variety of cabinets and countertop options for your Orange County home. Choose to reface your kitchen cabinets, or completely replace them with stock cabinets or custom cabinets. Remodel your kitchen and transform your home with our huge selection of stain colors, door and drawer fronts and crown molding options. We have something to suit every decorating style, from traditional to modern to country cottage or shaker. Our design team is ready to create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.

What About Custom Cabinets?

Cabinet Wholesalers provides quality custom cabinets in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Our clients get beautiful custom cabinets that you just don’t find with other cabinet companies. Our cabinet design experts will guide you through your entire project.

From your first call to the end of the job, you can count on us to get the job done right. We’re a family run business with a long track record of designing, building and installing distinctive cabinets that will look great for years to come.

Custom cabinets

Our Customers Love Us

“I was totally impressed with Cabinet Wholesalers. In the past, other contractors were not so good about sticking to a schedule, but Cabinet Wholesalers was great! They finished my countertops just in time for my big dinner party. My kitchen looks great. I am very happy.

The employees were all very professional and did a great job keeping the area safe and clean-especially with my 2 little kids running around.”

Jessica Muncy

Not a week goes by that we don’t say, “I’m glad we did this.” All the people at Cabinet Wholesalers are so nice. The owner, Eirik, was honest, prompt, professional, and had a great attitude. He kept all his promises.

The price was incredible–other bids didn’t come anywhere near Cabinet Wholesalers’ low price. The quality and fine details were all there: soft-close drawers, spice-rack pullouts, and fine finish.

Would I recommend Cabinet Wholesalers to other people? I heartily recommend them, and I have even invited customers to come to my home to look at my kitchen. Once they do, they’re sold.

Sandy Vietro, Laguna Niguel

We love our cabinets from Cabinet Wholesalers! It’s been a little over a year since installation and we still couldn’t be happier.

The design and construction is just what we wanted. We like the slide outs and all of the drawers are dove-tail. The trim makes the cabinets really stand out. These cabinets are really built to last.

Fred and Nancy Gee, San Juan Capistrano

Latest News & Trends

Open Plan Kitchen

An open plan kitchen is a smart way to update your home with a new look. Many people opt for a one wall open plan kitchen that incorporates cabinets from floor to ceiling, along with kitchen appliances.

Adding a kitchen table to your kitchen is another way to create an open floor plan. Create two rooms in one.

Keeping a similar color scheme in both areas will help to tie them together. If there’s not enough room, it may be necessary to knock down a wall or two. If you’re remodeling, perhaps it’s worth it to take a little room from the family room and dedicate it to the new open plan kitchen.

We’re ready to help bring your vision to life. Contact us at 714-693-1111 and get an estimate on an open plan kitchen for your home.

Eat In Kitchen

Did you know you can turn you kitchen into an eat in kitchen? By adding a kitchen island with an overhang, we can create a great spot for casual dining.

With just a few simple measurements (really, there’s just a few) we can give you an accurate price right over the phone. Not only that – we guarantee you won’t find a lower price anywhere else. Call us at 714-693-1111 and get a price on an eat in kitchen.

Today’s Trends in Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Today’s kitchens are used for so much more than just cooking. They are a gathering place both for the family and for guests during get-togethers. To keep up with this expanded use model, trends in custom kitchen cabinets have been evolving over the last several years.

Specialized Work Zones in the Kitchen

When planning for custom kitchen cabinets, many families and designers have been utilizing space by creating more specialized work zones. In the past, most kitchens zones were limited to a prep zone, a cooking zone, and a clean-up zone. With the increase in usage of the space as more than meal preparation area, specialized zones have emerged.

A few examples of some specialized work zones you may consider for your home include a coffee center, baking station, or bar area. Specialized work zones can often be incorporated without a major makeover using existing counter space and storage areas. For instance, you could cluster together on a counter area a coffee or espresso maker, a variety of coffee storage bins, and add hangers under the cabinet over the space for storing coffee cups and mugs. Work zone allow you to move efficiently around the kitchen without interrupting those using other areas of the room.

Accessible Kitchens

Our kitchen are most functional when they are accessible to the whole family, including seniors and/or disabled members with specialized accessibility needs. Whether they are in a wheelchair, use a walker or simply cannot bend or squat to reach into lower cabinets or climb onto something to reach items in higher ones, there are steps that can make the kitchen accommodate them.

To make life easier on such family members, kitchens can be made more accessible with features such as pull out shelving, built-in lazy Susans, open storage areas, and hanging pots and pans. When updating custom kitchen cabinets, care is given to selecting knobs and pulls that are not only attractive, but also easy to use. Other options include adjusting counter height when installing custom kitchen cabinets into a home, using more shallow sinks, non-slip flooring, and making sure the lighting is non-glare and easy to turn on. Motion sensors are becoming much more commonly used in kitchens. Organization can be extremely important in a kitchen used by seniors, for more info check out some tips from Smart Senior.

With over 30 years of experience in the providing custom kitchen cabinets, Cabinet Wholesalers in Anaheim can assist in making your new custom kitchen cabinets accessible as well as affordable and beautiful. Our team employs a strong partnership approach to cabinet design, and works closely with suppliers and contractors to provide your home with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. We are always on top of the latest in kitchen trends.

Call Cabinet Wholesalers of Anaheim at 714-693-1111 to request your free no-obligation 30-minute estimate, or fill out our online form to the right today.


Kitchen Remodel: Countertops and Backsplashes with Personality

While its true that cabinets  are the center of interest when it comes to a kitchen remodel, how you top those off can make a big difference to the personality of your room. Countertops and backsplashes can be had in a multitude of materials. All have their pros and cons, but which is right for your family’s kitchen remodel?


Laminate: Laminate countertops are usually the most affordable choice, costing as much as one-third the price of the other materials. They include materials such as Formica which are durable, easy to care for, and come in many colors. However, laminates can easily scratch and chip in ways that can be next to impossible to repair or disguise.

Cambria countertopCeramic Tile: A durable and often inexpensive option for counters, tiles are fairly easy to clean, stand up well to heat, and come in a wide selection of colors and textures. On the down side, individual tiles can crack or chip under impact and the grout lines may deteriorate or become stained over time.

Solid Surface: Materials such as Corian are both durable and stain resistant. Scratches can be sanded out and there are colors to choose from. Drawbacks include a vulnerability to heat and tendency to be expensive.

Wood: Butcher-block counters can lend warmth to the kitchen, but damage from water and stains can happen. Scratches or dings can often be sanded down, re-oiled and sealed.

Concrete: Offers the ability to create unusual shapes and edge treatments, and the fun option of embedding keepsakes, treasures or other decorations. Concrete is heat and scratch resistant, but cracking can occur. Concrete is porous and must be properly sealed.

Granite: Granite counters are in demand and carry a high value to home buyers. They are one of the most asked for features of a kitchen remodel. Granite’s sleek glossy finish and abundant colors speak of elegance and sophistication. In performance, it is a very hard material (second only to diamonds), handles heat well, and can last a lifetime. Granite can be a costly, but it doesn’t have to be!


A backsplash is the vertical surface of the wall behind your countertops and appliances. It serves to protect the walls from splashes and spills and can be  a striking design element in a kitchen cabinet remodel.

Classic Ceramic Tile: For a classic look, traditional ceramic tiles offers beautiful color options. Tile can be applied in a grid pattern either straight up and down or on the diagonal, or a combination of the two.

Mosaics for Color: If color is what you are seeking, mosaic tiles come immediately to mind. These smaller tiles allow an almost infinite versatility in combining color, design and applique elements. Choose from a wide variety of materials including ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and more.

Shine and Shimmer with Metal or Glass:  A few such options include stainless steel (which can be flat or used as tiles) and glass tiles. Shiny surfaces reflects light around the room and can add depth.

Bring Nature In: Using natural elements such as tumblestone can bring warmth and the feel of nature into your kitchen cabinet remodel. A perfect way to offset  your modern stainless steel appliances! Tumbled stone is also unique in offering a subtlety of color variation and a one of a kind uniqueness.


Should you replace or reface?

Which to Choose?

You’ve been thinking of redoing your kitchen. Time to make a decision to either replace or reface your cabinets. From simple kitchen updates to complete remodels, the decision to replace or reface your cabinets is a huge part of your remodeling budget.

Pulls and Knobs

You’ve got a few options when redoing your kitchen. If you choose to reface your cabinets, we’ll replace the doors and drawers, and help you complete the look with new hardware. The pulls and knobs in your kitchen help to set their style. Whether you’re looking for modern or traditional style, the pulls and knobs contribute to the look.

Inside Your Cabinets

Refacing cabinets is a great time to add the extras that you missed out on the first time around. A great example is adding lazy susans to the back corners that are hard to reach. We have a variety of cabinet pull outs and rotating shelves to make access easy.

Refacing is Fast

Refacing your cabinets is a faster solution than ripping everything out and replacing. It’s often less expensive as well. All that adds up to a lower stress remodel, without sacrificing the look of new cabinets, and without having to remove all your appliances. Changing your door and drawer styles can have a huge impact.

Current Cabinet Quality

Refacing isn’t right for everyone homeowner though. Before you decide, take your current cabinet’s condition into consideration. If your current cabinets aren’t well built and are falling apart, it may make more sense to replace the entire bank of cabinets. If current cabinets have water damage, or signs of faulty construction, there’s no reason to throw good money after bad.

Current Cabinet’s Age

How old are your current cabinets? Cabinets built before the 80’s were generally built of 3/4″ plywood and not particle board like some newer cabinets are. It might make sense to keep them around if they are well built.

Do They Work?

Even if your cabinets are built well, if you don’t like the layout, you’ll want to replace them. If the cabinets aren’t deep enough or tall enough, replacing is a better option than refacing. A kitchen that isn’t the right size to hold your pots and pans needs an upgrade.

Why Not Both?

How about a mix of refacing and new cabinets? This can be a great option, adding functionality and giving your kitchen a whole new look.

What About Your Kitchen?

Contact us and we’ll let you know what we think. New cabinets, refacing or a combination of the two. 714-693-1111.


Kitchen Cabinets Anaheim

We’re the kitchen cabinet experts in Anaheim

Cabinet Wholesalers is the premier kitchen cabinet company in Anaheim. Our design expertise includes both residential and commercial design. Our staff includes professional kitchen designers, cabinet engineers and professional installers that are ready to bring your project from concept to completion. We specialize in creating memorable spaces that your family will love to gather together in.

Our Anaheim kitchen showroom is complete with cabinet refacing, prefab cabinets, semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets. Let us be your one stop shop and we’ll make your kitchen remodeling project easy.

Call us for a free kitchen cabinet estimate: 714-693-1111 or use our handy dandy kitchen estimate form.