Remodeling your kitchen is a big undertaking regardless of whether you do it yourself or hire professionals. However, it can also be a lot of fun. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and you get to design the perfect space for your family.

Before you get started, there are a lot of decisions to make. What style should you go with? Should you get new cabinets or paint your existing ones? Should you replace your countertop?

To get some fresh ideas, let’s break down the top kitchen remodeling trends for 2021. These ideas can help guide you in your decision-making so you can love your result even more. Let’s get started.

1. Quartz Countertops

Homeowners are integrating durability with design this year. After a year at home where the kitchen was used more than ever, people want countertops that last. That’s why quartz, which is an engineered stone, is quickly becoming one of the most popular kitchen remodeling trends.

The great thing about quartz countertops is that they are more durable and easier to maintain than both marble and granite. However, since quartz mimics natural stone, the countertops can be just as beautiful.

Another great thing about quartz is its wide range of color options. It even makes a stunning backsplash material.

2. Go Green

Adding a pop of color to your kitchen has been a rising trend for the last few years. Whether that’s a fun paint color on the walls, an accent island color, or a colorful backsplash, you can get adventurous.

In 2021, the trendy kitchen color is green. From mossy green to mint green, this color is bright and happy. It also brings a natural feel to your kitchen.

If you want to refresh your cabinets but don’t want to replace them, painting them your favorite shade of green could be the perfect kitchen make-over.

3. Matching Stone Backsplash

If you’re planning to replace your countertops, why not go all-in with your backsplash too? Matching your stone countertop to your backsplash is one of 2021’s biggest home design trends.

A stone backsplash is stunning, and the matching look brings a fresh cohesion to your kitchen design. It’s a clean look that simultaneously makes a striking statement.

4. Scandinavian-Inspired Design

Say goodbye to all-white kitchens. In 2021, we’re drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian style. That means warming your kitchen up with wood. However, to match the style, stick to lighter shades of wood, like white oak. You could also use white-washed wood or stained wood.

Mixing light-colored wood with white is a surprisingly warm color combo. For instance, light wood cabinets with white stone countertops will make your kitchen will ultra cozy.

You can also bring in lighter wood with your kitchen table, butcher’s blocks, bar stools, and even dishware.

5. Black Lighting and Hardware

Black accents are back in 2021. Black modern light fixtures, cabinet drawer pulls, and sink faucets will bring a comfortable balance to your design. Plus, black is a classic color that goes with everything, so these accents will last a long time.

Lately, pendant lights over the island have been a way to pull your personal style into the kitchen. You can go retro with an upcycled chandelier or rustic with natural wood.

One thing is for sure: black industrial lighting will continue to be a major trend in 2021.

6. Waterfall Countertops

The island is the heart of the kitchen. It’s also the most used space, so it should be something that you really love. The biggest kitchen island trend in 2021 is waterfall countertops.

Instead of a clean edge, your countertop will cascade over the sides of the island to the floor. The result is a beautiful and dramatic kitchen centerpiece that you will love.

7. Elegant Arches

Channel European design in 2021 with archways and rounded edges. Arched openings into your kitchen will add a touch of elegance and romance.

But you don’t have to stop there. Arched openings above the stove are making a big statement in 2021. An arched pantry opening and arched kitchen windows can also carry the theme throughout the whole room.

When it comes to the lines and edges in the kitchen, homeowners are moving away from minimalist hard lines and moving towards comforting rounded edges. Consider this when you’re choosing your countertop edging, cabinetry, and accent decor.

8. Open Shelving and Glass Cabinet Doors

Gone are the days when homeowners wanted to hide everything away in their cabinets. In 2021, our functional kitchen items can double as decor with open shelving or glass cabinet doors.

It’s true: there is a newfound elegance in a stack of bowls, neatly lined-up mugs, or a collection of reused mason jars displayed on open shelves. As the world gets more modern, these touches of simplicity mean even more.

You don’t have to have fancy dishware to showcase it, but you might as well show it off with open shelving if you do.

A fun twist on this trend is to get new cabinets with glass doors that you can see through. If you don’t want all of your things on display, installing just one set of glass door cabinets makes a beautiful accent piece.

Do You Need Help With Kitchen Remodeling?

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