8 Kitchen Upgrades You’ll Love

Published on: August 31, 2022

There’s no denying that the kitchen is the heart of any home. Not only do we prepare food there, but we entertain, enjoy meals with loved ones, and probably even do homework at the kitchen table or countertop!

This is why it’s so important that your kitchen truly reflects who you are and what you value the most. In essence, this space speaks volumes about how you value your home.

Some kitchen upgrades come with a hefty price tag, but if you’re limited to a budget, here are a few basic upgrades you’ll love.


1. Add Natural Lighting

It doesn’t matter what type of lighting fixtures you hang in your kitchen, if it lacks a good amount of natural light, it can look dull. A great way to create a fresh, open, and inviting space is to improve the natural light in your kitchen where possible.

This might look like removing old curtains or blinds, installing a new window, adding a skylight, or creating a Dutch door by removing the top-half paneling of an entrance door to your kitchen.

Make natural lighting a priority in your kitchen and it will completely transform the feel of the space, even on the dullest days.

2. Update Your Kitchen Hardware

This is probably one of the best kitchen upgrades if you’re on a tight budget. Replacing old and outdated hardware can inject a sense of life into your kitchen and translate a modern aesthetic.

When you choose hardware, always make sure it’s good quality — anything else will just tarnish over time and look tacky. It’s a good idea to choose practicality over form, i.e. opt for hardware that fits in your hand and is easy to grab.

Consider mixing metals and finishes in your hardware too. This gives you a chance to play with texture and change up certain elements in the room to update it, if you wish.

3. Add a Fun, Yet Classic Backsplash

Do fun and classic really go hand-in-hand? Believe it or not, they definitely can. The key is balance. An interesting backsplash is one of the best ways to add visual appeal and detail to an otherwise simple kitchen.

Just make sure to choose a larger tile, with smaller grout lines. This way, your eyes won’t become tired of looking at the tile or distracted by those grout lines. Go for simple tiling around the 12-inch mark and consider a fun pattern for visual appeal, such as a herringbone pattern.

4. Increase Storage Space With Open Shelving

Not a single homeowner will ever regret adding to the amount of storage space they have in their home, especially the kitchen. Even if you have a good number of cabinets, consider adding open shelves to a free-standing accent wall.

You could even add hooks under the shelves for additional storage options, such as hanging pans, cups, or utensils. You could bring the accent wall to life with the addition of wallpaper, or an interesting accent color to highlight the wall as a feature in your kitchen.

Now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

5. Give the Dishwasher a View

When we say ”dishwasher” we’re not talking about the appliance, but rather the person tasked with washing up! One of the smartest kitchen upgrades you’ll love is moving your sink to below a window so you have something to look out at when washing dishes. Not to mention how much value and personalization this adds to your kitchen

Because who wants to wash wishes staring at a blank wall?

6. Add Value With Natural Wood Flooring

If there is one home upgrade that’s guaranteed to add value, no matter the room, it’s the addition of natural wood flooring. There is something classic, beautiful, and utterly timeless about natural wood floors, and they’ll never go out of style.

It’s worth looking into whether you already have natural wood flooring underneath existing flooring you might have in your kitchen. If not, this is a kitchen upgrade worth investing in. Go for a warm-toned, golden wood color for the kitchen to create a bright, inviting feel.

7. Update Your Cabinetry

Another simple yet effective way to completely transform your kitchen is by updating your cabinets. And the good news is that you don’t have to go all out and replace them. You can opt for simple cabinet refacing in a modern, timeless wood veneer of your choice.

If you’re thinking about completely replacing cabinetry, consider these important features for the best resale value:

  • A waste recycling center
  • Soft-close cabinets and drawers
  • Turn your base cabinets into drawers for increased storage capacity

When it comes to cabinet material, you don’t have to spend a fortune on solid wood. Veneer cabinetry looks just as fantastic and no one would be able to tell the difference.

8. Install a Walk-In Pantry

If you’re looking to transport your kitchen from 1982 to 2022, then decluttering is the name of the game. The best way to ensure your kitchen doesn’t look cluttered, stuffy, and messy is with smart storage space. This is why it’s so worthwhile investing in a walk-in pantry as a kitchen upgrade.

A walk-in pantry opens up a world of possibilities for storage. You can keep your countertops and shelving free of food items, utensils, and crockery, and create a clean, peaceful kitchen — even if the pantry is a shambles on the inside!


Does Your Kitchen Need a Little TLC?

If you’re looking to put a little love back into your kitchen, Cabinet Wholesalers has you covered for a range of kitchen upgrades. Whether it’s cabinet refacing or replacement, adding a kitchen island, or installing a backsplash, we offer the professional expertise you need to bring your kitchen back to life!

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