Stunning Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Add Sophistication to Your Kitchen

Published on: August 26, 2022

Most decorators and contractors would agree that the iconic farmhouse kitchen with its clean and serene look has dominated the scene for the past decade. While white cabinetry and a beautiful backsplash tile will always be timeless, times are changing and so are kitchens across America.

Understandably, it’s a big decision when deciding on the color scheme of your kitchen remodel. It can have a significant impact on your home’s overall resale value — bumping it by almost 54 percent for an upscale remodel.

But if you’re looking to move on over to the dark side, here’s how to remodel with dark kitchen cabinets.

1. Timeless Blue

If you’re looking to go all in with dark cabinetry, blue is actually one of the most timeless colors you could choose. This is because blue is such a versatile color and translates an array of different themes. Whether you want to portray a seaside feel, a modern Parisian kitchen, or something out of the soothing southwest, blue is your go-to.

Not only this but there are so many different shades of blue to work with, many of which complement natural wood accents and varying types of metal hardware. A good way to balance out the boldness of blue cabinetry is with plain, neutral accents and bright hardware, such as gold or copper elements.

2. Go for Team Green

On a similar note to blue cabinetry is the color green — another option that’s incredibly versatile and available in a range of different tones. Not to mention the fact that it’s becoming one of the most popular kitchen colors of 2022.

To make a real statement in your kitchen, without overwhelming the space, opt for a dark, emerald green which almost looks like dark gray in certain types of light. You can balance out this dark cabinet color with beautiful gold or copper accents in your hardware and light fixtures.

3. Mix and Match Gray Tones

If you prefer to stick to more neutral tones, then gray is one of the safer colors to choose. The great thing about choosing gray is that it’s incredibly tonal — there is a huge range of shades to choose from and you can mix and match these shades to create depth.

Some of the more popular kitchen cabinet colors include dark, stormy grays, as well as ashy tones. You can create beautiful visual interest in your kitchen by juxtaposing calm, lighter shades of gray with dark, bolder tones.

Gray is also a good color to choose if you prefer a more chic, sleek, and modern feel to your kitchen.

4. Mix Color, Materials, and Finishes

The great thing about dark cabinetry is that it creates a clear and solid background in your kitchen. This means that you can mix and match different materials and finishes for a truly sophisticated, elegant, and interesting space. In short, dark kitchens act like a blank canvas of sorts.

Once you have a blank canvas to work against, you could look at combining different materials in your countertops, hardware, and flooring. For example, a lighter wood finish on your countertops could help your cabinetry stand out, and vice versa.

5. Play It Safe With Dark Wood

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to transition to a dark color across all of your cabinetry. If this is the case, you could always play it safe and opt for a darker type of wood. If you find that you love the look of wood, but want to try out something dark and dramatic, opt for walnut wood, dark cherry, merlot cherry, or an espresso wood color.

The great thing about wood cabinets is their longevity and elegance. Wood is also versatile and tends to tie in well with other kitchen accents.

6. Add Contrast With Metal Accents

One of the best ways to bring dark-colored cabinets to life is with contrasting metal hardware. Don’t opt for metal accents of a similar color — the dark color will just swallow them up. This is also an opportunity to play with metal textures, such as muted metals, shiny metals, or brushed metal hardware.

When choosing your metal hardware, think about how contrasting colors might enhance your cabinetry. For example, dark blue cabinets look amazing with bright gold or shiny brass hardware. While darker green cabinets go well with warm metallics, such as brushed gold.

7. Go For Drama but Keep it Classic

If you have a large kitchen, this gives you plenty of room to play with very dark, dramatic colors. On the other hand, if you have a smaller kitchen you want to avoid heavy colors such as black which might enclose the space and make it look smaller. Instead, you could incorporate darker colors as accents.

Sometimes a large kitchen can look stark and bare. A good way to cozy up the space is with color. Consider something dramatic like black cabinetry, complemented with gold hardware.

8. Use Shaker Cabinets to Feature Dark Accents

Shaker cabinets are extremely popular among homeowners, far and wide. They’re a great way to add depth, character, and texture to your kitchen. Not to mention how versatile they are.

If you want to try out darker cabinetry in your kitchen, but you’re afraid to commit to a solid color, shaker cabinetry with glass panes are your best option. You could also opt for textured glass to add even more character to the space, and downlighting for feature cabinets. Finish off this modern take on a homey feel with gold accent hardware.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Are Just a Click Away

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, one of the best places to start with is your cabinetry. They are usually a key focal point in any kitchen, so changing over to dark kitchen cabinets could be just what your kitchen needs.

Whether you’re looking for custom-made cabinets, simple re-facing, stock cabinets, or professional installation, Cabinet Wholesalers has you covered. Talk to a pro today and we can help bring your dream kitchen to life.

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