Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: 5 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Published on: September 22, 2022

If there’s anything that ages a kitchen it’s cabinetry that’s seen better days. The good news is that cabinet refacing is one of the quickest and most effective ways of overhauling your kitchen and bringing it into the 21st century. It’s also the best option if you’re on a limited budget, but want to refresh this vital space in your home.

But before you dive into a kitchen refacing project, there are a few important considerations to weigh up first. The cabinetry you choose can have a lasting impact on your kitchen aesthetic, and the last thing you want is to regret your choice down the line.

Here’s what to know and what to consider with cabinet refacing.

What Exactly is Cabinet Refacing?

First thing first, let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in a cabinet refacing project. Your chosen kitchen contractor removes the exterior of your current cabinetry, i.e. the doors and any internal shelving or drawers. Just the shell of the cabinet remains.

After that, they strip back these cabinet components and apply a fresh new layer of veneer (thin wood laminate). The cabinets are then reassembled and will look brand new.

A cabinet refacing project also includes new drawer glides, drawer pulls/knobs, as well as new cabinet hinges.
More benefits of cabinet refacing if needed:

This is one of the best options for a fast and effective cabinet remodel. Veneer offers lasting durability, almost as good as hardwood. It’s also very affordable and convenient — the replacement of your cabinet exteriors is usually completed in a week, or less.

Cabinet refacing allows you to keep your existing countertops, but just revamp the cabinetry. It also eliminates the need for pricey appliance re-installation.

Now that you know a little more about what to expect, keep these tips in mind when choosing your fresh, new cabinetry exterior:

1. Focus on the End-Product

Choosing new cabinetry is an overwhelming task for any homeowner. With a huge range of options online today, there’s plenty of inspiration out there — but this can also be a deterrent. You might find yourself down a Pinterest rabbit hole and can’t quite make a decision.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your expectations at a realistic level. Decide on a kitchen contractor, then take a look at the range of cabinetry refacing options they offer. Try to do this before you create an expectation in your mind that they might not be able to meet.

It’s also important to envision what you want the end product to look like, instead of focusing on just one element. Think about the best colors and textures for your cabinets that tie in with the rest of your kitchen.

2. Don’t Overlook Your Cabinetry Hardware

If you want to make the most of a cabinet refacing project, you’ll also update your cabinet handles and hinges (if needed). Refacing might even necessitate the removal of your hardware anyway. So while that’s being done, why not swap them out for something a little more modern?

Undersized, worn out, chipped or rusted hardware can completely drag down the aesthetic of your cabinets, so don’t overlook this small upgrade when choosing your cabinetry veneer.

3. Always Opt For Timeless Colors and Metals

When it comes time to choose your cabinetry veneer and hardware, it’s super important to stick to color, textures, and metals that offer longevity. Consider that your cabinets need to grow old with you and your kitchen, so make sure to choose something that ages well and is timeless.

Trends might be fun and exciting, but most of the time trends don’t stick, and neither will the aesthetic of your kitchen. Nothing is more elegant and timeless than white cabinets with beautiful hardware.

Bear in mind that your kitchen is also the center of your home. The space must be warm, welcoming, and easy to look at, over and over again.

4. Maximize the Project by Adding Extra Storage

If there’s one thing that a kitchen never seems to have enough of, it’s storage space. Kitchen refacing is a prime opportunity to add to the amount of storage your kitchen has.

You can do this by adding extra shelving in larger, open cabinets that have the space. You could also opt for open shelving on an accent wall for storing crockery and glassware.

5. Consider Mixing Glass With Veneer

Mixing materials is nothing new when it comes to kitchen remodeling, but it’s one of the best ways to create a truly contemporary look in your kitchen. Mixing glass cabinetry with solid veneer is a good way to add visual interest and varying texture.

You could also opt for different types of glass, such as frosted, reeded, seeded, or clear panels. Glass cabinets have a way of adding finesse and elegance to your kitchen, and they’re also ideal for creating kitchen centerpieces when storing your best glassware or fine China.

When To Consider Full Cabinet Replacement

While kitchen refacing is a brilliantly affordable way to inject new life into your kitchen, it’s not always an ideal option if your kitchen and cabinets are particularly old. Cabinet refacing is only a good choice if the shell or structure of your cabinets is still in good condition.

If the structure has weak or deteriorated wood that’s chipped or falling away, it might be time for a full cabinet replacement. You could always ask your kitchen contractor to assess the health of your cabinets beforehand and whether they’re up to the task of refacing, or require a full replacement.

Interested in Professional Kitchen Refacing?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on tuning up an outdated kitchen that needs a little TLC. With Cabinet Wholesalers, we offer affordable, professional, and efficient expertise in revamping your kitchen with cabinet refacing.

We use factory-finished, ¼” thick veneer for a beautiful kitchen refacing project that’s worth every penny. Choose from a wide range of veneer stains, patterns, and textures, and breathe new life into your kitchen!

Learn more about our cabinet refacing work, here.

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