4 Designer Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Published on: October 14, 2022

Have you noticed that all your friends, family, and neighbors have recently had bathroom refits? If you have, that’s because bathroom remodeling ranks number two on the list of most popular home renovations in 2021.

And that makes sense when you consider how indulgent it feels to relax and unwind in a deep bubble bath or a powerful jet shower.  

So to get you inspired, we’ve put together our list of four fantastic bathroom remodeling ideas to transform your home.   

1. A Wet Room

Wet rooms always have the feel of a designer bathroom because they are a relatively modern concept.

Plus, when installing a wet room, you’ve got that added benefit that it will work in small bathrooms. So this is an excellent option if your current bathroom is short on space. 

When planning a wet room, your choice of color and pattern on the bathroom tile design will help this look come together. Bright and bold colors look stunning, even in a short space. If you love minimalism, monochrome is equally effective. 

The trick to getting a wet room right is maintaining clean lines by hiding any plumbing, pipes, or attachments. That same rule goes for your bathroom cabinets too.

You should go for a sleek and simple design with modern handle and door designs. Keep your storage as much as possible behind cabinet doors, avoiding shelves.

That will help declutter the space, which will help strengthen the design of your wet room. It’s also more practical, keeping soapy plastic containers away from your shower space! 

If you intend to remodel a guest bathroom, you can opt for underfloor heating in your wet room. That will help your bathroom makeover feel luxurious, and it will also help to keep the space dry. 

2. The Double-Vanity En-Suite

Does your partner have a habit of leaving the toothpaste lid off while you are the type who has all your toiletries lined up in a neat row? Then we have the perfect solution for you. 

If you have a gorgeous master bedroom, you could turn your en-suite into the perfect accessory: a couple’s bathroom suite complete with a double vanity unit. 

Before you design this look, measure your bathroom space to ensure you have room for a double vanity unit.

You should consider having separate storage for each unit, either in the cabinet below or above the sinks. Neat shelving between the cabinets is also a great idea. 

When planning, make sure you go for a design that appears roomy instead of trying to cram everything onto one bathroom wall. Remember, the look you are going for is a presidential suite, not a public bathroom. 

If space is an issue, choose smaller countertop sinks that are incredibly fashionable. They take up less space than fitted sinks, and you can choose a small but stylish designer basin. 

You’ll probably want separate mirrors for each vanity unit, so don’t forget to allocate space for this in your design. If you go for bathroom storage above the wash unit, you can add a mirror to the cabinet doors.

3. The Accessible Bathroom

When we think of accessible bathrooms, we often think of dated suites with handrails and emergency cords.

But accessible bathrooms don’t have to be that way and shouldn’t stop you from achieving that designer look. You can make them functional and stylish. 

One way you can transform an accessible bathroom is by adding built-in storage.

A built-in shelf space that’s accessible will help your bathroom feel uncluttered and will also help you keep items like towels and toiletries within reach. That’s an essential feature if you use a bathroom with a disability. 

Minimal tiling and large, roomy showers also look beautiful in any bathroom and help your room look contemporary and practical. If you need a seating area in the shower, build this into the wall for a more subtle accessible design. 

Simple tiling designs will also help you keep the bathroom clean and low maintenance. 

If you use a wheelchair, floating sinks are a fantastic idea. They will give you room to maneuver, and they also look ultra-trendy. 

Don’t forget to add little extras to help make your life easier. Heated towel rails and carefully placed handrails are ideal, as are vanity pull-outs in the cabinet. Low-level sinks and shower units also work brilliantly in an accessible bathroom.

Consider the direction and space for opening doors when adding cabinets if you need extra room to accommodate a wheelchair or any other walking support. 

4. Go High Tech

Do you still have a bright (and unflattering) fluorescent light in your bathroom? If so, you’ll love this next designer remodeling idea. 

Bring your bathroom into the 21st century by introducing bright modern light and sound technology. 

First, let’s look at what lighting ideas work for a contemporary, designer bathroom. Nowadays, you can get smart-tech, multicolored LED lighting to help you add mood lighting to your bathroom. 

You could opt for blues and greens for a relaxed and calm atmosphere, bringing this look together with beautiful green plants.  

Alternatively, you can add some natural wooden cabinets to your new bathroom project and choose warm, soft lighting in oranges and pinks to help give your bathroom a gentle, tranquil, spa-light feel.  

You can also add high-tech speakers to your bathroom for some added luxury.

If you plan a complete refit, you can hide these speakers in any storage or shelving to help you get the full sound effect while still sticking to a streamlined or minimal bathroom design. 

Another way to add impressive modern technology to your bathroom is via motion-sensor, touch-free taps. They offer convenience and better hygiene. 

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Makeover

Don’t let your bathrooms become drab and dated. These fantastic designer bathroom remodeling ideas are the perfect way to give your house a much-needed makeover. So what’s your favorite?

Will you try something modern like a wet room? Some high-tech gadgets? Well, before you make up your mind, get in touch for a free estimate for a cabinet installation from our team so you can start putting together your renovation budget.  

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