How You Can Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Published on: October 21, 2022

The world’s going crazy for cabinets! The global market for kitchen cabinets was worth $15.6 billion in 2020.

One reason why is kitchen cabinet hardware. You can get so many things to complement your cabinets and make them easier to use. However, the sheer number of options can make it hard to decide what items you need. 

What are the main types of cabinet hardware? What should your hardware look like? How big should your hardware be, and what materials should it contain? 

Answer these questions and you can make your new kitchen cabinets even more beautiful. Here is your quick guide.

Consider Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet pulls are long bars or handles that you can use to open the cabinet. They can be very easy to grip, and they can call attention to your new kitchen cabinets. However, they can be expensive, especially if you get modern pulls. 

Cabinet knobs are smaller than pulls, which can make them harder to grab. Because they are smaller, they tend to be less expensive and easier to install, which can make a kitchen cabinet makeover shorter. 

You should visit a showroom and see what pulls and knobs are like. Practice opening and closing your cabinet doors with them. If you can’t visit a showroom, you can design your kitchen online to see what your cabinet would look like.

You can get pulls for certain types of cabinets and knobs for others. Some people find that pulls are better for horizontal and wide cabinets due to their shape and size. Many homeowners place knobs on overhead cabinets, as they are easy to reach.

Pick a Style

Your hardware should match the style of your cabinets. Heritage cabinets tend to favor knobs while modern cabinets favor pulls. However, knobs and pulls have their own styles that can impact how your cabinets look and function, and you should do your research on them.

Popular Knob Styles

Hive knobs resemble beehives with ridges or tiers that make the knobs easy to grip. Many hive knobs are made with brass, and they can last for years before needing to be replaced. 

Knurled knobs resemble thimbles or disks. They have textured edges, making them easy to grip in your hands or fingertips. 

Dish knobs are very flat disks, and they do not have the edges of knurled knobs. You can slip your fingers behind the disk and pull your cabinet open, and you can push your cabinet closed with one finger. However, you should find dish knobs that are big enough to see from a distance and hold comfortably. 

Popular Pull Styles

Cup pulls are a popular choice due to their vintage charm and are a popular alternative to cabinet handles.

A pacific pull is a bar mounted on two screws. The pull is shaped like a hexagon, which can make it easier to hold with your palm. 

A card file pull has a handle that resembles a card facing out from the surface of the drawer. The handle gives you enough space to grip the pull firmly and move the door of your cabinet. It also calls more attention to your cabinet, making it seem reminiscent of antique designs. 

Midvale pulls have round bars you can grip. This makes the pull good if you have something in your hands and you cannot use your entire hand to open the cabinet. 

Ledge pulls have ledges instead of bars or handles. The ledge can be hard to grip, but it can look extremely sleek on a modern cabinet.

Find the Right Size

Cabinets vary in size, so you should talk to a professional in hardware for kitchen cabinets before determining how big your hardware should be. For pulls, you generally want your pull to be roughly one-third of the cabinet width. It’s okay if it’s not exactly one-third, but a pull that is too small can make your cabinet hard to use. 

You should also give yourself enough space to slip your hand behind the pull bar. One inch is usually enough space. 

A knob that is one or two inches in diameter is fine for most cabinets. If you have a large or bulky cabinet, you may want to install multiple knobs to make it easier to open.

Choose a Material

Many people choose cabinet hardware with the same materials as the cabinet itself. You can match materials, but mixing metals is okay. It can produce an interesting visual clash, and you can choose a metal for your hardware that will last over the years. 

Besides brass, you can select copper and bronze. They are antimicrobial substances, preventing the spread of pathogens through your kitchen. However, these substances can scratch easily, so you may want to select another material if you have children in the house.

Stainless steel is very durable, though it can be more expensive. It works best in modern-style homes and kitchens, and it can be hard to find steel knobs.

You should put a finish on your cabinet hardware that protects the material and makes your hardware look good. Consider a finish that contrasts with the colors in your room. If your room is very bright, you can add a dark finish to your hardware to make it stand out.

Find the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen cabinet hardware can mean many different things. Pulls provide more space to open your cabinet while knobs are sleeker and easier to install. Each category has many styles with a range of aesthetics that you should consider. 

After you select a style, you need to find a size and material. Get hardware that will be big enough for you to grip and make a stylistic impact. Select a metal that will endure strain over the years.

If you can’t find the right hardware, turn to cabinet professionals. Cabinet Wholesalers serves the Southern California area. Contact us today.

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