Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Before the Holidays

Published on: October 20, 2022

A complete kitchen remodel is costly and outside the budget of many homeowners. Refacing is an excellent, environmentally friendly choice unless your cabinet boxes are too small, too large, or have rotting wood. Cabinet refacing allows you to keep the frame in place, reducing material and labor costs.

If you want to give your home a new, updated look for the holidays, now is the time to take action. Time moves fast, and the holidays are just around the corner. Want to have your home ready to show off when guests come calling?

Keeps reading to learn everything you need to know about the budget-friendly process of cabinet resurfacing.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a facelift for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The process involves replacing skin panels to give your kitchen a new, updated look.

The steps include removing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. A new veneer is applied over the existing surface. Your new look may consist of cabinet resurfacing and new hardware, including hinges, handles, and drawer pulls.

The cost is minimal because the original cabinet boxes remain in place. They are repaired to match the new doors or surface materials. The finished project gives the appearance of brand-new cabinets.

Proper Planning

The kitchen refacing process takes considerably less time than a full remodel, but you do need to consider several things. By taking the time to lay out a plan, you have a clear picture of what is going to happen.

Think about when you need your new kitchen ready. Is it Thanksgiving? Christmas? Hannukah? New Years? That gives you an idea of what time you have left to work with.

Your selection of the kitchen cabinet design you want may impact your delivery time. Factors that come into play include the size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets you have redone. The best way to determine the lead time is to contact Cabinet Wholesalers and schedule a quote.

Keep in mind when planning your project that the bathroom is another part of your home guests frequently visit. You may want to consider resurfacing the cabinets in your bathroom simultaneously with your kitchen.

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

The main benefit of cabinet refacing over an entire remodel is the ability to complete the job quickly. Your cabinets stay intact, so there is no messy demolition.

Because there is no demolition, you have full use of your kitchen during the process—no running for takeout because your entire kitchen is out of commission.

The refacing involves replacing outdated doors and drawer fronts with new ones. You get a new, updated look without high costs.

Resurfacing allows you to select from various veneer and style options. This includes natural woods and laminates.

The update quickly pays for itself, increasing the value of your home. When putting your home on the market, resurfacing is an excellent way to add visual appeal.

Cabinet resurfacing is eco-friendly because kitchen cabinets’ materials are difficult to recycle. Most are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which contains hazardous chemicals and is difficult to recycle. Resurfacing your cabinets prevents them from being discarded into landfills, where chemicals will likely leach into the soil and groundwater.

Kitchen Refacing Process

The refacing process works in kitchens and bathrooms. If you like the layout but are tired of the old, dated finish, this is how you can make a budget-friendly improvement.

  1. Remove the old door and drawer fronts. The existing cabinet boxes remain in place
  2. Install a ¼” thick veneer of solid wood over the existing cabinet box, giving them new life
  3. Install new fronts on the drawers and cabinets in the style and color you select
  4. Add new hardware

When Cabinet Wholesalers redo your cabinets, prices include installation, built-in drawer organizers, a limited lifetime warranty, and delivery. We have the lowest price in town, guaranteed, and we provide you with designer styles, colors, and moldings. The process is faster than a complete remodel.

Refacing Cabinets with Veneer or Laminate

Laminates and veneers are popular finishes for furniture and cabinets. The main difference is the manufacturing materials they use.

A veneer consists of thin layers of wood pressed together on a plywood base. Laminates are layers of flat paper and plastic resins pressed together under high pressure, which is then pasted onto a plywood sub-base.


Veneers are sourced from trees and look like natural wood. It contains the natural grain pattern of wood and can be stained into different colors and finishes. Each veneer sheet has a unique appearance, and no two sheets are ever absolutely identical.

The veneer is prone to scratches, and the polishing will peel off over time. However, it can be sanded and polished like wood, returning it to its original look.


Laminates come in two categories. The HPL, or high-pressure laminate, is the most preferred. LPL, or low-pressure laminate, is less durable. The top layer of each sheet of laminate has a decorative print or color that is finished with a plastic coating, giving it a shiny look.

Laminates are highly durable, waterproof, and resist heat and stains. They are prone to chipping and cracking, which cannot be repaired.

Because laminates come in various finishes, designs, and colors, they fit almost any décor. They can enhance the feel and look of natural materials, including wood, leather, stone, silk, etc. They are also available in antibacterial and flame-retardant finishes.

Which Is Better?

When it comes to updating your kitchen, there is nothing like the warm, rich impression of wood you get from a veneer application. The best way to make a final selection is to speak with your Cabinet Wholesalers professional. They can recommend the best product for your budget and lifestyle.

Cabinet Refacing Costs

Cabinet refacing is significantly less expensive than a full kitchen remodel because you save the cost of complete cabinet replacement. The price varies depending on various factors.

This includes the materials used, how many cabinets need resurfacing, and the kitchen layout. These variants impact the amount of labor necessary to complete the job.

Other things impacting cost include whether you have the hardware replaced and the cost of those replacements—the type of laminate or veneer you select for your resurfacing, and more.

The cost will also vary depending on whether you elect to do it yourself, use a retail store that does this as just one of many other services, or select Cabinet Wholesalers. Their company provides refacing and remodeling services exclusively.

Consider the level of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism when obtaining your quote. That is a reflection of the quality of the work they do.

Get a Quote

If you want to give your kitchen a new look for the holidays, contact Cabinet Wholesalers at 714-693-111 or use our online contact form to receive a free quote.

We specialize in cabinet refacing, as well as kitchen and bath remodeling. Our quotes are all-inclusive, including labor and delivery, and our work comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Call us today!

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