Is your kitchen reaching the end of its life? Are the reasons for renovating your kitchen cabinets piling up?

We will go over some reasons why you shouldn’t put it off any longer. We will bet that your reasons are on this list!

Keep reading to find out what the reasons are!

1. Your Cabinets Are in Disrepair

The first and most obvious reason is that your kitchen is falling apart. You have made do for so long, but perhaps it is time for some remodeling if the kitchen doors are falling off.

In recent years, the kitchen has become the social room in many households. It is a perfect place for a family breakfast before everyone starts their busy day. This can create a full kitchen, and a full kitchen is often a used kitchen.

2. You Are Planning on Selling

The kitchen is a staple in the home, and many potential buyers will prioritize the state over the kitchen before anything else. However, there are several items that homebuyers a looking for in a kitchen, and if your kitchen does not meet those standards, you will need some kitchen remodeling done.

A nice kitchen will not only raise the value of your home, but it will help sell faster, too.

3. Be Green!

With all the global warming reports, it is important that we do our part to save the environment. For example, if your appliances are outdated and old, they use too much electricity. The expense of kitchen remodeling might be hefty, but you will save in the long run, not just the environment but your bank account as well!

4. You Have Outgrown the Use of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen may have worked well for you when you were a novice cook. However, you may have developed your cooking skills over the years and are ready for a new challenge!

New challenges might mean that you need better equipment. Sometimes there is no room, and you will need to do some extensive renovations to open up your kitchen.

An excellent way to design your new play space is with an online visualizer. You will be able to see how everything will look before you even get started! However, it is a significant investment, and it needs to be perfect.

5. It Is Outdated

Even if your kitchen doors aren’t falling off their hinges, your kitchen might still be due for an upgrade. If your guests walk into your kitchen and can guess the decade it was last remodeled, it is time.

If you aren’t sure if your kitchen is outdated, look for the following signs.

  • Old hardware
  • Dreary colors
  • Short backsplashes
  • Worn-out floors
  • Old Cabinetry

Cheap-looking material can also date your kitchen. While some kitchens can be spruced up with a lick of paint and some new hardware, the bones of the kitchen need to look in good shape for that to be successful.

6. Different Lifestyles Need Different Kitchens

Perhaps you bought your home as a bachelor, then your partner moved in, and eventually, you had kids! Unfortunately, these exciting milestones in your life came with a lot of changes, and now the kitchen is not keeping up with your family.

Adding a breakfast nook, an island, or create an open concept can do wonders to your lifestyle, allowing you to bond and grow closer together as a family.

What’s Next?

Now that you are convinced that you need a new kitchen, let’s discuss some things to look out for and how to avoid common mistakes. It can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

The Work Triangle

The work triangle is a term that designers use to indicate the regular workflow in the kitchen. The sink, stove, and fridge should all be within close proximity of each other, and the best layout resembles a triangle.


There is nothing worse when you are chopping your onions and you are standing in your own light. A way to avoid this is to incorporate three different types of lighting in your kitchen.

The first is general lighting that lights up your whole kitchen, the second is focused task lighting, think of the light above the stove and sink. And finally, you will need some accent lighting. A brightly lit kitchen can sometimes be just as bad as an underlit kitchen, especially if you have an open-concept home.

Counter Space

You can never have too much counter space. You might think that on a day-to-day basis you’ll be fine with less counter space. What about the holidays or hosting events? A great kitchen has enough counter space to accommodate you and your family’s every need.


Islands are usually a great item to add to your kitchen. However, a poorly designed island can cause more hindrance than creating benefits. If the island is too big it can disrupt the workflow if you need to move around it too much.

The placement is also essential, keep in mind the “work triangle” to make sure it does not affect the placements of your main appliances.

Pantry and Other Storage

A great pantry is essential in a well-functioning kitchen. It should be one of the main priorities. There is nothing worse than making a trek to the laundry room across the house for that potato you forgot to grab.

Make sure that your kitchen has enough storage for all your tools as well. A cluttered kitchen usually looks dirty and overwhelming. The ability to clean up your space can be a great benefit and also creates more counter space!

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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