Foot Pedal Controls For Kitchen Sink

How often have you come to your kitchen sink with your hands covered with something like raw chicken juices and needed to wash up, only to then go on to contaminate the rest of the sink. Or had your hands coated with egg and flour or something sticky and then spread that mess even further?

How great would it be if you didn’t have to touch the sink with your hands to turn it on?

So many offices now have foot controls to turn the sink on and off. Why not install one in your kitchen too?

Food pedal controls for your kitchen sink aren’t just a handy way to control clean up when you have a mess on your hands. They have the added benefit of helping to conserve water by instantly turning it off when you leave the sink. How many times have you left the sink on when wiping off the counter because it will just be “a minute”? That’s no longer an issue when you have a sink with a foot pedal control. Walk away and the water is instantly turned off.

Planning a kitchen remodel with new cabinets and a new kitchen sink can bring many kitchen accessories into your home. Consider adding a foot pedal control for your kitchen remodel. It may save you money on your water bill.

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Foot pedal controls for kitchen sink