Affordable Kitchen Remodel: Tips for those Watching Their Budget

by | Jun 26, 2017

With current economic times, many families are embracing frugality as a way of life. Last week we began exploring affordable kitchen remodel ideas by discussing how to simply use paint to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen. But when it comes to updating your kitchen, its not all about looks. So this week we’ll focusing on increasing the functionality of your kitchen.

Functionality is the single biggest factor in making a kitchen family friendly. What makes for a functional kitchen? Having a place for everything helps to keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy. It also provides easy access to what you need which saves time and streamlines your kitchen activities. An affordable kitchen remodel centers around adding space and organization.

Begin by looking for ways of adding organizers that take full advantage of your existing storage spaces. Drawer dividers or pull outs such as baskets or containers can add organization as well as improve access. Remember to store the items used most often on the lower and more accessible shelves while reserving the  upper shelves for those items used infrequently or seasonally.

Other aids to kitchen organization that can double up on your usage of space could include a hanging  pot rack, cup hooks inside of cabinets, or slats inside cabinets for sideways storage of dishes or trays.  A family message board hidden out of sight inside a cabinet door is another easy organization addition.

These are thrifty ways to make a difference in the functionality of your kitchen. However, to really increase the functionality of your kitchen, why not talk it over with the affordable kitchen remodel experts?  Simply fill out the online form to the right or call  1-714-693-1111 to request a free no-obligation 30-minute estimate today.

Cabinet Wholesalers in Anaheim offers a Premium  Kitchen Cabinets Package that includes many of the special touches that make for kitchen organization nirvana: lazy Susans, roll out trays, and spice racks.   For $34,999 plus tax, you can get an affordable kitchen remodel tailored to meet all your organizational needs.

Affordable Kitchen Remodel