Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Kitchen Remodel

Published on: February 8, 2023

If you’ve been dreaming about renovating your kitchen for some time, you probably already know that it’s not exactly a cheap endeavor. Nor does your dream kitchen come to life overnight.

In fact, it might be one the most expensive and time-consuming home renovation projects out there, but don’t let this put you off. The results and added home value usually speak for themselves — if you don’t cut corners, that is.

When you’re planning your kitchen remodel, here are some of the most common faux pas to avoid at all costs.

Overlooking Storage Space

Storage space is what really separates a good kitchen from a great kitchen. It’s important to not underestimate how important storage space is for kitchen functionality and the added value to your home.

When you’re planning your kitchen storage, think carefully about including clever storage features such as additional drawers, drawer dividers, shelving to fill empty spaces or slimline cabinetry. Pantry pullouts and lazy Susans are also a hit when it comes to storage efficiency.

Bear in mind that adding these features at a later date will only cost you more, down the line.

Ignoring Layout and Workflow

There is a ”kitchen triangle” that you should always keep in mind when planning out the layout and workflow of your kitchen. This triangle includes the three busiest areas: the stove, sink, and refrigerator.

It’s important to plan your layout so that these areas are in close proximity to each other for the best workflow throughout your kitchen.

Remember to reserve a good amount of space for kitchen aisles — the space between counters, your kitchen island, and sink. You want to fit more than one person down each aisle at a time, ideally.

Skimping on Materials and Finishes

If there’s anything that will devalue your kitchen, it’s cheap finishes and subpar material choices. If you’re going to remodel your kitchen and spend a good amount of money, you might as well do it right the first time.

This means investing in the best materials and hardware finishes that will stand the test of time, i.e. the wear and tear that most kitchens face.

Failing to Plan for Electrical and Plumbing Needs

The wiring of your kitchen is essential in ensuring it’s both a functional and economical place. Not to mention, a safe space where you’re free from the risk of electrical fires.

This means hiring a qualified electrician to properly wire all your electrical outlets to 20 amp breakers. All kitchens should have at least 2-3 accessible outlets for appliances. While counter outlets should also be on a dedicated 20 amp outlet.

As for plumbing, it goes without saying that you should always a hire professional to connect and install sinks and appliances, where needed. Plumbing issues are far more costly than many homeowners realize, and can quickly derail the rest of your renovation project.

Neglecting Lighting

The best way to create that perfect ambiance in your kitchen is with lighting — whether it’s natural lighting or installed lighting. This is one of those kitchen design elements that’s easy to overlook, but can majorly detract from the overall look and feel of the space.

Think about the work areas of your kitchen and functional lighting that works best for those areas. If you have a large kitchen island, you need a light fixture that suits the space.

Take time to consider ambient lighting, such as under-counter and cabinet lighting, too.

Underestimating Cost and Timeline

This is a big one. Many homeowners might fall into a fall sense of security that their kitchen remodel will be finished by a set date. When in reality, this date is much like a pregnant woman’s due date — it’s an estimate (in most cases).

It’s up to your contractor to be open and honest with you while tracking the timeline of your project, and the estimated finish date. They should keep you in the loop about time delays and be realistic about their estimates.

The same goes for your budget. While your contractor will do their utmost best to accommodate your budget, the cost of certain things can and will vary. It’s important to keep an open mind about this and allow for some wiggle room, where you can spare it.

Not Considering Future Needs

Maybe you plan on expanding your family or have elderly parents that might need to come and live with you?

One of the best things you can do when planning a kitchen renovation is to think about what you might need from the space in the future. Whether it’s a designated family dining nook, or a ramp into your kitchen, instead of stairs, take a step back and think about your future needs, first.

It’s also important to carefully consider trends. Remember — what’s considered trendy today, might not be in 5 years from now!

Not Having a Clear Plan or Design

This is probably of the biggest mistakes you can make with a kitchen renovation. Failing to plan is failing to succeed.

As cliché as that sounds, you need a clear end goal and vision in order to bring your dream kitchen to life. Think about what your family’s life will look like in the space in years to come and plan accordingly.

Failing to Consider Appliance Size

Don’t make the mistake of choosing appliances after the installation of your cabinetry. Ideally, you want to choose them first, then have your contractor measure and build your cabinets to suit.

These measurements and specs allow for an accurate layout, which means you can avoid costly delays during your cabinetry installation.

Not Having Proper Ventilation

It’s no secret that the kitchen is a haven for producing a range of pleasant (and not-so-pleasant) odors. Whether it’s from cooking certain foods, the garbage disposal, or your trash can, your kitchen needs good ventilation.

If your kitchen needs an extra window, make provision for it in your layout and design. Make sure to install a high-powered extractor fan above your stove, and a decent number of HVAC vents, where possible.

Avoid Kitchen Remodel Disaster with Cabinet Wholesalers

A kitchen remodel takes time, money, and patience — whether it’s a full-scale remodeling project or a few simple changes. The bottom line is that you need the right team on your side to achieve your renovation goals and avoid these common mistakes.

With Cabinet Wholesalers, you’re guaranteed a trustworthy remodeling team that never cuts corners. We understand the intricacies of great kitchen design and always endeavor to meet your renovation goals while keeping your budget in mind.

Learn more about our kitchen remodeling process, here.

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