Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

by | May 7, 2017

Many of use have embraced the idea of green or earth-friendly living as we strive to protect our ever more stressed and abused planet. Let’s explore a few ways to “Go Green” when doing a kitchen remodel.

Eco-friendly refers to products or practices which are not harmful to the environment and includes efforts at water and energy conservation in our homes.

LIGHTING: Having plenty of natural light streaming into your kitchen can cut down on the time when you need artificial lighting. Consider adding a skylight as part of your kitchen cabinet remodel. Replacing old windows with more energy-efficient ones can help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs.  And using  fluorescent lighting can cut your energy usage and cost in half.

ENERGY SAVING APPLIANCES: When buying your new appliances, keep in mind energy consumption.  Look for an Energy Star label to show that an appliance has met strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

WATER SAVING FAUCETS: Using low-flow faucets or installing water-saving aerators on your existing faucets which could save hundreds of gallons of water per year. The EPA’s WaterSense program can help consumers save water and protect the environment. Check their WaterSense Rebate Finder to locate program in your area.

PLANTS: Adding some plants to your kitchen is an thrifty and beautiful way to very literally “Go Green”. Plants absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen, which makes then an all-natural air filter for your home.

RECYCLE: Don’t forget to set up recycling stations in your kitchen to make it easy to collect aluminum, newspaper, plastic and other recyclables.

RENEWABLE RESOURCES: Renewable are those that are fast growing or easy to replenish. A few such resources include cork and bamboo.  Bamboo can be used as a back splashes, flooring and cutting boards. Cork is made from the bark of a tree which regenerate every nine years. This may seem long until we consider that many trees like oak or maple require 30 years or more to grow. Cork is also non-toxic, sound-absorbing, and resistant to mold and mildew.

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