In a normal year, more than 115 million Americans travel by air, rail, or road during the holiday season.

But the past year and a half has been anything but normal because of Covid-19. Many families decided to forgo the traditional large gathering and enjoy smaller celebrations at home to stay safe.

This year, things are looking up, which means it’s time to make sure your home is ready for a holiday gathering. If it’s not, it might be time to plan a kitchen remodel.

Read on to learn why now is the ideal time to renovate your kitchen to have it ready by Christmas dinner. Plus, find out how to approach the home renovation process to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen in the Fall

While the spring is the most popular time of year for home remodeling, it’s also the most expensive. It’s also tough to find a good contractor that isn’t already booked up.

Summer and winter weather conditions aren’t ideal for construction. Plus, they’re also a popular time for vacations and family gatherings which can lead to scheduling conflicts.

That means fall is actually the ideal time of year for home improvement. The weather is mild, and many contractors often have more free time. It’s cheaper than spring remodeling, and you might even get an added discount if the contractor’s business is slow.

The key part of fall remodeling is starting as soon as possible in August, September, and October. That’s especially important if you want your kitchen done in time for the holidays.

Kitchen Updates That Will Improve Your Holiday Celebration

Aside from having a shiny new kitchen to show off to friends and family, you can also add things to the remodel to make holiday gatherings better.

If your kitchen always felt too small to host, try changing your kitchen layout or adding more seating. If you’ve always dreamt of cooking the whole meal, adding a pot filler behind the stove will make it easier.

You can also choose flooring that’s easier to clean, especially if you’ll be hosting a lot of kids over the holidays. Better lighting will also make your kitchen feel more welcoming and make it easier to read those cherished family recipes.

Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Once you’ve decided you’d like to update in time for the holidays, call local contractors as soon as possible. Gather a list of recommended names from friends and family and start calling for quotes.

The sooner you take this step, the better chance you’ll have of securing a talented kitchen remodeling contractor.

Decide the Scope of Your Project

As you’re getting quotes, think about the scope of your project. Are you hoping for a total gut-job renovation? Do you just want minor upgrades like new cabinet doors and updated flooring?

The scope of your project will determine how much time you’ll need. The more complex your project is, the more likely it is that you’ll run into delays that might affect the holidays.

If you’re doing a straightforward kitchen update with new flooring, new cabinets, and a new backsplash, you should be able to get it done before the holidays. That said, back-ordered materials or those with shipping delays can still impact even the most generous timeline.

If you’re redesigning the floor plan or moving walls, just know that it will take longer than a cosmetic remodel. Keep that in mind before you invite guests for Christmas dinner.

Be Flexible and Have a Back-Up Plan

Ideally, construction will get done in time for your holiday celebration. But, delays are common in construction. That’s why you need to have a plan B.

If there’s a scheduling or shipment delay, what’s your backup plan? Can someone else step in and host if your renovation isn’t done? Can you order food from a local caterer, grocery store, or restaurant and still host in another part of the house?

Before you start your home renovation, come up with a plan in case it doesn’t work out. It will take some of the stress out of the process if you know that there’s a backup plan.

The Stages of a Kitchen Remodeling Project

While the process for your particular project might look a bit different, all remodeling follows the same process. You might get to skip some steps if you have a minimal remodel.

1. Design and Planning

Planning the design is always the first step. You’ll need to pick paint colors, decide the layout, and choose the right backsplash and countertop pairing.

There’s a lot of little decisions to make, which is why it’s helpful to work with a designer. They’ll know how to look at the big picture so you can get the kitchen of your dreams.

2. Demolition and Framing

The next step is to tear out the old to make room for the new. Depending on your project, the crew might remove the cabinets, the flooring and even remove walls.

If you’re changing the layout, the builders will need to frame the new walls with studs.

3. Plumbing and Electrical

The next step is to add in new electrical wiring for lights or new outlets. The plumber may need to replace or create new plumbing connections.

It’s easiest to do this step when the walls are easy to access.

4. Flooring, Cabinets, and Countertops

If you’ve moved walls, the crew will need to add insulation and drywall to the new walls. If not, they can immediately move on to installing the new floor.

After that, they’ll hang the new cabinets. Once the cabinets are secure, it’s time to install the countertops. Your kitchen will start to take shape.

5. Painting, Finishing, and Appliances

The next step is to do finishing work like installing the backsplash, trim, light fixtures, and faucets. Then the crew will paint and finish any woodworking details.

The final step is to reinstall your major appliances. Now your kitchen is ready for cooking, winter decor, and holiday parties!

Start Planning Your Kitchen Remodel Today

A holiday kitchen remodel is possible if you start planning now. Think seriously about your project scope and hire a contractor as soon as you can.

If you’re looking for a skilled remodeling team of design professionals, we can help. At Cabinet Wholesalers, we’ll handle the entire remodeling project from design to installation.

Contact us today to get a quote on remodeling and to learn more about our services.