Is Refacing Your Kitchen Worth It?

Published on: December 19, 2022

For most homeowners considering a kitchen remodeling project, their primary, and sometimes only goal is to improve the look of their kitchen cabinets.

And that’s understandable. Your kitchen cabinets bring life, color, character, and incredible home value to your property. But let’s be honest — beautiful kitchen cabinets come at a price, and often, their replacement can consume more than half of your remodeling budget.

This is where cabinet refacing is one of the best options to consider if you’re looking to save on your budget, but give your kitchen a much-needed facelift.

Here’s why it’s 100 percent worth it.

Cabinet Refacing: How It Works

Think of your kitchen cabinets as having an inner shell and an outer skin. In short, cabinet refacing centers on replacing the outer skin of your cabinetry.

Cabinet refacing entails the following:

  • The removal of your cabinet drawers and door fronts
  • Removal of the outer hardware, i.e. the handles, pulls, and hinges
  • Replacing the veneer of your cabinet doors and drawers
  • Replacing the handles, pulls, and hinges (where necessary)
  • Re-installing your fresh, new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware

All that’s left behind of your cabinets during this process is the inner shell, which remains fixed to the wall.

Refacing your kitchen is far simpler than most people realize. And what’s more, a refacing professional can have the job done in a week, if not less. Bear in mind that the size of your kitchen will impact the length of the job, though.

If you choose to completely remove and replace your cabinetry, this could take weeks, if not months, if you have to wait for any particular parts of custom-made features.

Once the cabinets receive their fresh new veneer and hardware, the doors and drawer fronts are usually installed within a day.

Do All Kitchens Suit Cabinet Refacing?

It’s worth noting that while kitchen refacing is super versatile and suits almost any kind of kitchen and its cabinets, there are some things to consider, first:

  • The inner shell or box structure of the cabinets should still be in a good condition, i.e. no wood rot, mold, etc.
  • Your cabinet frames require a smooth surface, made from either plywood or MDF panels for ideal refacing

Keep in mind that refacing is a good option if your major concern is the look/aesthetic of your cabinets. If there are functional issues that need addressing, refacing might not be possible.

Is Kitchen Refacing Really Worth It?

Refacing your cabinetry comes with a plethora of benefits. For most homeowners undertaking a kitchen remodel, they’re the most economical option if your cabinets need an external refresh.

Here are some scenarios that make cabinet refacing truly worth your time and money:

  • You are already happy with the layout/design of your kitchen, but your cabinets need a makeover
  • With cabinet refacing, you don’t have to change the layout of your kitchen — you can inject life into the space with simple refacing
  • You want to change the color and style of your kitchen by refreshing your cabinetry
  • You have a budget you need to stick to, but know that refreshing your cabinetry will completely overhaul the look and feel of your kitchen
  • You’re happy to stick with wood veneer cabinetry
  • It’s the most viable option if you have outdated cabinets and drawers and you want to modernize your kitchen

Ultimately, cabinet refacing only counts as a partial kitchen renovation. If your cabinets are scratched and worn down due to wear and tear, this is the best option to suit just about any budget.

Additional Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Here are a few additional reasons why kitchen refacing is a smart choice:

  • If you choose the right professional to do the job, your refaced cabinets can last 15-20 years
  • Working with the right contractor means you’ll also have access to cabinetry repair, should you ever need it
  • There is a huge range of beautiful veneer colorings and textures to choose from that will add a modern feel to your kitchen
  • It saves you time — you don’t have to wait weeks or months for newly built and installed cabinets
    You can spend half the amount of money on cabinet refacing versus full cabinet replacement. You can use the rest of your budget on other modern touches throughout your kitchen
    It’s one of the most environmentally friendly choices you can make as you’re essentially recycling your cabinet doors and drawers
    It’s a no-fuss, hassle-free option that does not require you to completely shut down your kitchen. You can still use the space while the project is ongoing

Finally, it’s no secret that renewing any part of your kitchen will add value to your home. But one of the best renovations you can do for home value is to refresh your cabinetry.

Whether you choose to reface your cabinets or opt for a full replacement, you’re adding unbeatable value to your property. This makes a huge difference down the line should you ever wish to sell your home and make the profit you’re looking for.

Cabinet Refacing Is Always Worth It

If your kitchen looks a little outdated and tired, a cabinetry makeover can do absolute wonders for uplifting the space. But if you just don’t have the budget to completely gut your kitchen and replace your cabinets, the best alternative is cabinet refacing.

It’s cost-effective, less wasteful, takes less time, and offers fantastic results that last. Get in touch with our team at Cabinet Wholesalers, or request a quote, and find the cabinet refacing expertise you’re looking for!

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