Kitchen Cabinet Doors

by | Jul 27, 2016

There are many ways to tackle a kitchen transformation, but few that pack as big an impact as updating your kitchen cabinet doors. Kitchen cabinet doors are the first thing one sees when entering a kitchen. Their color, condition, and style sets the pace for the entire room.

Luckily, there are quite a number of options available when it comes to your kitchen cabinet doors. If you are happy with your kitchen layout, and your cabinets are in excellent shape aside from the color or finish, then refinishing or painting is a viable economic choice. Adding a new color to your kitchen cabinets can give that most important room in your home new life. Color also has a strong effect on your emotional well-being, so going from a dull scuffed up 70’s finish to a bright modern finish can enliven the entire feel of the home.

If your kitchen cabinet doors are pitted, dinged or of an antiquated style that no longer appeals to you, do not despair. If the cabinet frames themselves are in good condition and the layout suits your family, you may decide to replace the doors entirely. Cabinet doors are available in a wide choice of colors, styles, woods, and finishes. Sometimes it can be hard to match the exact finish on the new doors to the cabinet frames. Another option is professional kitchen cabinet refacing.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets can modernize your kitchen with a minimum of  disruption to your family’s lifestyle. There’s no need to rip out the entire kitchen!

Because the same door and drawer front styles and finishes are used with refacing and new cabinets, Cabinet Wholesalers can often do a combination of adding new cabinets at the same time. For instance, if you have been thinking of adding an island or extra cabinet space, you can do so during the cabinet refacing process. You may opt to keep your existing countertops or  have those replaced during the process as well. Not all kitchen cabinet professionals use the same methods for refacing or refinishing your kitchen cabinet doors. Be sure to research.

At Cabinet Wholesalers, we use the following process for resurfacing/refacing your kitchen cabinets:

  • Remove your existing doors and drawer fronts;
  • Meticulously laminate our ¼” thick factory finished paneling to the exterior of your existing cabinets;
  • Install new factory finished drawer boxes, doors, and drawer fronts.

There’s no need to live with outdated or unsightly kitchen cabinet doors! Simply call  1-714-693-1111 to request a free no-obligation 30-minute estimate today.