Our 6 Step Design Process


Needs and Wants

We start by making a list of the inefficiencies of your present kitchen, in order to help us determine how to best design your new kitchen.

Once we believe we’ve addressed the “Needs”, we move into the “Wants”. One of our patient, dedicated design team pro’s will start a master list of the functionality and items that you envision in your new kitchen, as well as making recommendations they believe you may appreciate.

Kitchen spice rack pull out next to Wolf stove
Kitchen and bath remodel measure for cabinets


In order to build your new dream kitchen or bathroom, we need to know how much space we have to work with.

One of our professional designers will measure your existing space, allowing us to start with a clean canvas to design the room of your dreams.



Using “20/20″, the state-of-the-art in Computer-Assisted Design software (CAD), your Cabinet Wholesalers kitchen remodel designer will design, create elevations and a color rendering of what your kitchen or bathroom will look like when we’re finished building it. We want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before we build it.

2020 render of kitchen remodel
Plan your home remodel project



If a kitchen or bathroom remodel is an orchestra of contractors, then Cabinet Wholesalers is the conductor, making sure that each of our team members start and finish their pieces of the score on time and with as few issues as possible.

We develop a plan that each of our team members follow, allowing us to complete your room remodel as quickly as possible.



Using the finest building materials, our team of highly skilled workmen work quickly and efficiently, always mindful that we are guests in your home.

We tape off the area we will be working in with a thin sheet of plastic to ensure as little dust escapes the working area as possible, to help ensure as pleasurable an experience as possible during this process.

We build your new cabinets for your home remodel
Finalize your kitchen remodel



No job is complete until we’ve checked and rechecked. Following a checklist, your job coordinator will review each workman’s services to ensure your custom kitchen design is complete.

Once completed we review the checklist with you, to ensure you are aware of and are comfortable with all that has been done. It’s time to start enjoying your new kitchen and bathroom!

Would you like to learn more about our remodeling?

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