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Kitchen Remodeling in Newport Beach

Are you planning a kitchen remodeling project in Newport Beach? Look no further than Cabinet Wholesalers! We are a trusted provider of high-quality kitchen cabinets and other remodeling materials at wholesale prices. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design a kitchen that fits your style and budget, and we offer professional installation services to ensure a smooth and seamless renovation.

Kitchen remodeling in Newport Beach

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Newport Beach

Kitchen remodeling is an investment and by far the most popular home renovation project in Newport Beach. That being said, there are many benefits to kitchen remodeling that extend beyond just the aesthetic:

Home Value

A kitchen remodel can improve the value of your home and increase its salability in the future, while making it more functional and enjoyable for everyday living.

Lower Utilities

Kitchen remodels also provide an opportunity to upgrade kitchen appliances and make energy-efficient changes, which can lower utility bills in the long run.

Better Function

Remodeling your kitchen also provides you with more space for storage, and improved kitchen organization.


Design &

Installation Services

Don’t be tricked by low-grade kitchen cabinets and materials from big box stores. Cabinet Wholesalers offers the highest quality kitchen remodeling solutions in Newport Beach.

Our experienced kitchen design professionals will help you pick out the perfect kitchen cabinetry, countertops, flooring, lighting fixtures, and other materials to maximize your kitchen space. From built-in tray dividers to hidden recycle centers, we have kitchen solutions for every lifestyle.

We also offer installation services that will streamline the kitchen remodel process and ensure that your kitchen is perfectly fitted. We work fast, accurately, and with minimal disruption, to provide the highest quality kitchen renovation in Newport Beach.

Why Cabinet Wholesalers Is the #1 Kitchen Remodeler in Newport Beach

With many kitchen remodeling companies and contractors in Newport Beach, the decision of who to hire can be daunting. That is why we at Cabinet Wholesalers strive to make it easier for you.

Supplier and Contractor

We are partnered with some of the best suppliers and contractors in Newport Beach, to ensure that your kitchen remodel project is a success.

Competitive Prices

Our kitchen materials are all purchased directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices, so you can be sure you won’t overspend on kitchen remodeling supplies.

In-house Installers

Our kitchen remodeling team is made up of in-house installers who are highly trained and experienced in kitchen renovations, so you can be sure your kitchen is in the best of hands.

Excellent Service

We go above and beyond to provide for every kitchen remodeling project we handle in Newport Beach. That means you are to get the best kitchen renovation experience that you could ask for.

Get in Touch Today

Ready to get started with kitchen remodeling in Newport Beach? Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our design professionals. We look forward to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams! Contact Cabinet Wholesalers and get started on your kitchen remodel project today!

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