The average bathroom remodeling project costs around $16,000. With that kind of price tag, you want to get it right and not waste money either.

Have you been dreaming of creating a new bathroom space in your home? Imagining your new bath fixtures as you see in magazines and on Instagram?

You can get your dream bathroom with some careful planning and focusing on a few key design elements.

Read on for a list of do’s and don’ts to consider as you plan out your bathroom remodeling project.

Do Look for Inspiration

Any project is hard to get started. You might be thinking I’m just going to dig in, so I can get this moving along and done.

Yet, that might not be your best choice as you move forward with your bathroom remodel.

Because bathroom remodeling projects can be costly, you want to slow down and make sure you have a concrete plan in place. Create your design plan by looking for inspiration to make sure the things you select are what you really want and work for you in the long run.

Look on Pinterest, Instagram, and in design magazines. Save photos of ideas you love. As you continue to search for ideas, look for patterns of things that catch your eye and pique your interest. Then once you have nailed down your ideas, you can create a plan for your remodel. It also helps to seek the advice of an experienced bathroom designer.

Don’t Ignore the Reality of Your Budget

Sure, everyone dreams of that spa-like bathroom, with a large tub and even bigger shower. Maybe you see all that white marble and swoon a little. The truth is that anyone can have a dream bathroom with enough money.

Having said that, budget is one area that can almost trip you up before you even get started. What do you absolutely want to change? Where can you save?

Nail down a budget for your remodel and make yourself stick to it. This might mean you need to do some research before getting started, especially if you have no idea what things actually cost.

Don’t Ignore the Structure of Your Space or the Spaces Around It

Infrastructure in bathrooms is particularly important. You have plumbing, drains, wiring already run. It doesn’t mean it can’t be changed or moved. But making those kinds of changes cost money and may increase your budget.

Consider the location of your plumbing. Is it worth moving? Can you work with a common layout you have already while still doing the remodel?

You’ll also want to consider your space for fixtures you hope to use in the bathroom and you want to make sure your home is structurally sound to handle those fixtures.

Do Stay Neutral on The Expensive Features

While it might be tempting to choose that bright patterned tile for your new shower, take a minute to think about if that’s practical. There are plenty of ways to add personality and even color to a bathroom space.

Big fixtures like a bathtub, shower, vanity, and even lighting can be the most costly items in your budget. Also, remember the average bathroom lifespan is 20 years. What you choose now should be something you really will love in 10 years.

You can change paint colors, art, and towels but you want to make every effort to keep those expensive features more neutral so they stay in your favor longer.

Do Choose the Right Scale of Fixtures

Choosing the right scale of fixtures should be an important part of your planning. Again, you might dream of that big spa-like bathroom. Dream of the endless counters on your vanity.

Choose fixtures like a bathtub and vanity that are to the correct scale for the size of your bathroom. In the end, your bathroom will look better when those items are the proper scale for the overall size.

Don’t Forgo Storage

While it might be fun to consider all the ways your new bathroom will be special, don’t forget about function too. Bathrooms need storage. Whether that storage is just for toilet paper and guest towels or all of your daily toiletries, having good storage is important.

Most people will assume their bathroom vanity will be their only storage. Consider if you have space for a linen closet in your bathroom.

You might be able to add a piece of furniture in your bath or even add shelving. Make the storage you need a part of your planning.

Do Make a Great Shower

You might dream of a great soak in the tub in your bathroom. But the reality is you’re likely to use your shower every single day.

If space allows, make the shower a focal point in your bathroom. Even if you can’t have the huge walk-in shower of your dreams, you can still create a great shower.

Consider the type of showerhead you install to make your shower space special.

Don’t Make Major Changes Mid-Remodel

There is no faster way to bust your budget than by making changes, especially big ones, once you have started. Again, this is where research, a good design plan, and a budget are key before you begin.

When you make big changes once the remodel has started, you can really slow down your remodel and create havoc on your budget.

Don’t Skip Vanity Space

Again, bathrooms need storage and you don’t want to forget that. Choose a vanity that offers both style and function. In the long run, you’ll always appreciate a vanity that offers you ample storage for your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling for Your Home

You want a good plan for your bathroom remodeling project before you consider starting. Doing your homework pre-project can help you get exactly what you want and save you money too.

Need help with your bathroom remodeling project? Want help deciding on counters or the best bathroom vanity? Let us help you create the perfect bathroom space. Contact us today to get started on your bathroom remodeling project.