At least 94% of homeowners who are doing a kitchen remodeling project this year are focusing on the kitchen cabinets. With more people spending time in their kitchens, it’s become an important renovation space.

Homeowners not only want more storage, they also want their kitchens to feel more inviting. Luckily, kitchen cabinets offer both style and functionality.

The question is, what’s the best cabinet design and color for your remodel? There are so many options to choose from.

If you’re not sure what style to go with, you can’t go wrong with white shaker cabinets. Read on to learn why this classic cabinet style deserves a place in your updated kitchen.

1. They Work With All Design Styles

One of the best things about white shaker cabinets is that they look great with almost any design. Whether your design goal is contemporary, modern farmhouse, traditional, or transitional, shaker cabinets will look right at home.

Thanks to their clean lines and simple design, they create a neutral canvas for your kitchen design. For a contemporary look, you can stick to sleek drawer pulls and black countertops. For a traditional look, you can opt for ornate drawer pulls and a decorative backsplash.

Even if your design changes over the years, classic shaker cabinets can easily adapt to your new style.

2. They’re Timeless

The shaker cabinet style has been around since the 1770 American colonial era. It’s believed to have started from a religious movement which is why it has the characteristic utilitarian design.

Rather than using design flourishes, it focuses on functionality over style. Shaker cabinets also have a reputation for being built from high-quality materials so they’ll last for years to come. Their doors have a simple panel that’s bordered by rails.

If this style of cabinet has lasted several hundred years of American design changes, it’s safe to assume it will last a few hundred more. Thanks to its clean lines, the shaker cabinet has a truly timeless look that will outlive any fleeting trends.

3. They Boost Resale Value

So many homebuyers today are looking for that white kitchen that’s been such a feature on design TV shows in the past 5 years. If you have plans to sell your home in the next few years, white shaker cabinets can help boost your home’s resale value.

Realtors often say that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell homes. If you have an updated kitchen with white shaker cabinets, a buyer will be much more likely to place an offer.

If they see that the work’s already done, they won’t feel like they’re taking on a project. Plus, they might even be willing to pay a considerably higher price for a home with white cabinets.

4. They’ll Brighten Up Your Kitchen

White is a popular paint color in kitchens because it instantly brightens up the space. Simply swapping out the cabinets will make your kitchen feel more airy, spacious, and welcoming.

The bright white will reflect what natural light you do have in your kitchen. That means your kitchen will feel brighter even without you having to add extra light fixtures, a window, or a skylight.

Even the smallest kitchen will feel larger with white cabinets. If you don’t have the budget to completely gut your kitchen, simply swapping out the doors with white shaker-style fronts will make it feel larger. Research has shown that smaller kitchen updates often come with a larger ROI than major kitchen remodels.

5. You Can Upgrade to Glass Panels

Another great benefit of shaker cabinets is that you can easily upgrade them with glass panels. Thanks to the simple center panel, it provides a natural spot for a glass panel.

If your cabinet line doesn’t currently offer glass-paneled shaker cabinets, you can have a skilled carpenter swap out the center panel for glass. This is an inexpensive upgrade that allows you to show off your favorite glassware.

Even if you’re not doing a total kitchen remodel, consider adding a glass-paneled accent cabinet to your kitchens. This is often a feature in luxury kitchens, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get the same style. Add some rope lighting or fun wallpaper to the back of the cabinet for extra interest.

6. You Can Mix and Match Styles

Thanks to the simple style of white shaker cabinets, they pair well with other cabinet styles. If you’d like to add a pop of color to your kitchen, consider opting for colorful lower cabinets. As long as they’re the same style, the design will look great.

If you’d like to try the open shelving trend, the shaker cabinet style goes along great with that. The clean lines of the doors would look great with anything from natural wood shelving to black shelves.

If you’d like to add an accent wall, later on, the shaker style will also match that. You can choose any kind of style you want without having to worry if it will clash with the cabinets.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with White Shaker Cabinets Today

White shaker cabinets will look good in any home with any design style. They’re a traditional look that’s been around for hundreds of years which will look great in your home too. Plus, the bright white will instantly refresh your space and make it look brighter.

Whether you’re interested in refacing your current cabinets, buying in-stock cabinets, or designing custom cabinets, Cabinet Wholesalers can help. Contact us today to talk to a design pro and get a free quote.