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Kitchen Cabinet Trends

EX IvoryStock kitchen cabinets can be a fast and economical way to upgrade your kitchen. We carry a broad selection of In-stock cabinets.

Our stock kitchen cabinets have been selected for quality and value. Any configuration can be accomplished, as long as it’s designed within the parameters of the program. In-stock lines have their own unique styles and features so we just have to find the right fit for your needs!

Today’s kitchens are used for so much more than just cooking. They are a gathering place both for the family and for guests during get togethers. To keep up with this expanded use model, trends in kitchen cabinets  have been evolving over the last several years.

Specialized Work Zones

When planning for kitchen cabinets, many families and designers have been utilizing space by creating more specialized work zones. In the past, most kitchens zones were limited to a prep zone, a cooking zone, and a clean-up zone. With the increase in usage of the space as more than meal preparation area, specialized zones have emerged.

A few examples of some specialized work zones you may consider for your home include a coffee center, baking station, or bar area. Specialized work zones can often be incorporated without a major  makeover using existing counter space and storage areas. For instance, you could cluster together on a counter area a coffee or espresso maker, a variety of coffee storage bins, and add hangers under the cabinet over the space for storing coffee cups and mugs. Work zone allow you to move efficiently around the kitchen without interrupting those using other areas of the room.

Our Stock Cabinets

  • All come in bathroom configurations.

  • All our options are plywood construction with hard wood doors and drawers.
  • Most include soft-close drawers.

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Accessible Kitchens

Our kitchens are most functional when they are accessible to the whole family, including seniors and/or disabled members with specialized accessibility needs.  Whether they are in a wheelchair, use a walker or simply cannot bend or squat to reach into lower cabinets or climb onto something to reach items in higher ones, there are steps that can make the kitchen accommodate them.

To make life easier on such family members, kitchens can be made more accessible with features such as pull out shelving, built-in lazy Susans, open storage areas,  and hanging pots and pans. When updating kitchen cabinets, care is given to selecting knobs and pulls that are not only attractive, but also easy to use.  Other options include adjusting counter height when installing kitchen cabinets into a home, using more shallow sinks, non-slip flooring, and making sure the lighting is non-glare and easy to turn on. Motion sensors are becoming much more commonly used in kitchens. Organization can be extremely important in a kitchen used by seniors, for more info check out some tips from Smart Senior.

With over 30 years of experience in the providing kitchen cabinets, Cabinet Wholesalers in Anaheim can assist in making your new kitchen cabinets accessible as well as affordable and beautiful. Our team employs a strong partnership approach to cabinet design, and works closely with suppliers and contractors to provide your home with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. We are always on top of the latest in kitchen trends.

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